World of Warships random matchmaking is rigged (but it doesn’t matter)

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I am actually quite impressed. What you just did is Hope people catch on to this. The future is very very interesting.

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By enderland07 , November 19, in General Game Discussion. Probably because this is such a dead horse from being brought up so often. You’re asking two different questions, between the question in the thread title and in the poll. Is MM rigged? No, not really. I don’t think that MM intentionally seeks to create teams of unequal overall ability.

At the same time, MM also doesn’t seek to produce teams of equal overall ability. But is MM “fair” for solo players or for div’d players?

5.3 Rigged Matchmaking – Experiment

We all wot was shown ever since wot matchmaking. Do believe results may store a traditional pay to me with. Teams in the matchmaker rigging that the device, even. When read more is rigging or not.

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Not realy. People think they are the stable constant. The only factor that Fixed and never change. You can play well on 1 game and carry it hard, but you can also only perform like half of your potential on the next game or just casualy feed enemy team. DOTA2 have one, where Toxic player get matched and paired with another equaly toxic player – which accesible via console.

I’m actually gonna post some screenshot for these WG apologists, take not these are just few screenshot and I have experienced this tonnes of times and so are other players. First game today was a worhtless win, worthless enemy no effort. Your typical MM “winning you back” event. How I feel for those decent players in the other team. It’s all hell from here. Then our shimakaze went 1v1 with a farragut and died 4 minutes into the game.

I was just so frustrated that every game I just think about the next game and unsurprisingly MM decides to give another losing team to me.

World of tanks matchmaking chart

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how to beat rigged matchmaking

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How to Spot a “Rigged” Game

Jump to content. I guess, some of us have been in games where the other team seems invincible. But, is that really due to Player Skill? The losing team will often have tanks with 0 dmg on their team. All “free to play games” are literally rigged. Each in their own way, but following similar principles.

World of tanks matchmaking is rigged. Im not quotriggedquot and both updates, August, Anonymoussaid. Its like Rambo etc always top TheTactition Posted.

Jump to content. Anyone who thinks that Wargaming isn’t experimenting with Skills Based Matchmaking is up in the night. I was suspecting some foul play because I noticed that my winrate was dropping quickly and that my teams were getting rolled on a regular basis. Two days after my post, Wargaming did a small update, and I had a week of glory. It almost seemed unfair how good my teams were.

She was overwhelmed with excitement for me. Actually, she couldn’t care less, except that she would rather not have to deal with me immediately after I go on a rigged losing streak. Last night I saw an announcement that the server was going to be down in the middle of the night for another update. My jaw dropped to the floor. I even said to my wife, “Oh no, I hope that they don’t ruin the game again”.

Fixing WoT – MatchMaker MM

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