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These plants bring luck wealth prosperity and health to home

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These plants bring luck wealth prosperity and health to home. In this video i will show you some plants which can bring wealth,good health and prosperity to your home.
1. Lucky bamboo plant
Lucky bamboo represents wood as a natural element a red ribbon tied to the bamboo indicates the element fire which fuels positive energy . The plant's use in feng shui is to bring a sense of safety and well-being to a room or a home by creating a sense of balance.
ether giving lucky bamboo as a gift or placing it in areas of your home for feng shui or decoration, it's useful as a beacon of good energy.
2. Jade plant
The Jade plant is considered very auspicious. The Jade plant is a good luck symbol for money. It is also known as Money plant. Dollar plant and Friendship plant.
Most people just buy one for themselves because they fortunately know they deserve great things in life.
3. Spider plant
The hanging plant filters carbon monoxide formaldehyde and xylene which are toxic to health.
the spider plant battles benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene a solvent used in the leather rubber and printing industries. As an added bonus, this plant is also considered a safe houseplant if you have pets in the house.
4. Money plant
The plant is called a money plant because its leaves round, flat heart shaped, dark green and plump resemble coins.
Feng Shui principles regard money plant as one of the best plants to purify air polluted with synthetic chemicals from furniture and cleaning solutions. It energizes the home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow.
Feng Shui experts recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router. Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress. It also helps avoid arguments and sleep disorders.
After all, sentiments and moods play a great role in energizing people and encouraging them to work relentlessly to achieve goals.
#plantsforhealth #plantsforwealth
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