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ONE MINUTE OUTFIT #16 FOR WOMEN OVER 50 | Rocking Fashion & Life in my 50's

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Hello fabulicious sisters!

I get asked all the time what to wear with grey hair. Since I am not a professional stylist the best way I can answer is by showing what I wear with my grey hair. Perhaps this can help you. Let me know in the comments.

All my clothes are more than two season old. If they are not I will mention here.

Thanks for watching my videos. Subscribe to my channel if you want to rock fashion & life with me.

We invite you to follow our Facebook page WHITE HAIR REVOLUTION
You can post your in transition to grey hair, full transition hair, any hair really, anything that makes you happy is welcomed because we all want to oooh and aaaah at each other.

Disclaimer: I am not a stylist nor work in fashion whatsoever so I don't pretend to be a professional expert in fashion. When it comes to styling I do me and if my "me" prompts ideas to others in their outfits then my work is done.

My kind of woman is one who is not afraid to admit that she has gained weight, no longer has the same strength, accepts her wrinkles and of course her grey hair (whether dyed or not). But none of this is going to stop her from looking as mysteriously fabulous as possible.

This channel is about allure rather than fashion. It's about concept rather than precise store purchase. But mostly it's about acceptance, independence from anyone's opinion and ultimately self love.

Does this make sense to you?

If you are looking for this kind of support well you just subscribed to the right channel.

Welcome xoxo

camera used: Canon GX7
editor: iMovie

Little bits of “yellow hair” is the end of a wonderful bleaching process that I had done in order to transition. This process was performed by COLOURIST Jessica of Salon Drake

Salon Drake
7010 Clark Street
Montreal, H2S 3GPlease ask me in the comments if you want the hairdresser's name and location THAT CUT MY HAIR.

business enquiries: estilomontreal@

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