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Because XXY males do not really appear different from other males and because they may not have any or have mild symptoms, XXY males often don’t know they have KS. In other cases, males with KS may have mild or severe symptoms. Whether or not a male with KS has visible symptoms depends on many factors, including how much testosterone his body makes, if he is mosaic with both XY and XXY cells , and his age when the condition is diagnosed and treated. Many physical symptoms of KS result from low testosterone levels in the body. The degree of symptoms differs based on the amount of testosterone needed for a specific age or developmental stage and the amount of testosterone the body makes or has available. During the first few years of life, when the need for testosterone is low, most XXY males do not show any obvious differences from typical male infants and young boys.

The Impact of Living with Klinefelter Syndrome: A Qualitative Exploration of Adolescents and Adults

I had always been a sickly child, suffering more than my fair share of childhood ailments: asthma, chest infections and flu. Other kids called me a “weaky” because I was skinny and hopeless at sport. I hated rough-and-tumble boys’ games and preferred knitting, but I had no idea my feminine leanings were down to genetics.

Several uncontrolled reports in the literature dating from decades ago suggest a link between Klinefelter syndrome (KS) and essential tremor (ET). Aiming to.

The quality affects up to one in 1, boys – physically I’m male, but genetically I’m male and female. Because of the chromosomal difference, my semen contains very little, if any, sperm. Even as a teenage dating, I was devastated and burst into tears. I’d never even kissed a girl, but I’d always wanted children. I was put on testosterone injections to induce chromosome – to help turn me into a man. I don’t remember my parents ever discussing my diagnosis.

Perhaps they were too shocked. My dad muttered chromosome about still being able to adopt, and didn’t return to the baby.

Klinefelter syndrome: many men have an extra X chromosome – but it is rarely diagnosed

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs in males when they have an extra X chromosome. Most people have 46 chromosomes. Chromosomes contain all of your genes and DNA, the building blocks of the body. The 2 sex chromosomes X and Y determine if you become a boy or a girl.

Klinefelter syndrome: many men have an extra X chromosome – but it is rarely diagnosed | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian.

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What is Klinefelter Syndrome?

T hree years ago, Paul not his real name , now 31, went to the doctor with stomach pains. His blood test came back with low testosterone levels. Paul was also devastated.

Treatment can help males syndrome many of dating physical, social, and learning problems that are part of dating syndrome. Males with Klinefelter syndrome.

Klinefelter syndrome is a fairly common genetic condition found in males only. Many boys with Klinefelter syndrome — also known as XXY syndrome — have no signs or symptoms, and some don’t even know they have it until later in life. The XXY condition that causes Klinefelter syndrome can’t be changed, but medical treatment and working with therapists can help a boy’s development and help lessen the condition’s effects.

Even without treatment, most boys with Klinefelter syndrome grow up to live productive, healthy lives. Boys who have Klinefelter syndrome are born with it. It’s also called XXY because they have an extra X chromosome in most or all of their cells. Usually, a person has 46 chromosomes in each cell, divided into 23 pairs, which includes two sex chromosomes. Half of the chromosomes are inherited from the father and the other half from the mother.

Title: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and Klinefelter’s Syndrome

From the Elwyn Institute, Elwyn, Pa. A total of males in prisons and facilities for the mentally ill and mentally retarded underwent cytogenetic screening. Of the 23 individuals identified with sex chromosome errors, seven with 47,XYY chromosome pattern and eight with Klinefelter’s syndrome were compared. Both groups displayed tall stature and elongated lower segments; the XYY males averaged 3 inches taller than the Klinefelter males. In contrast to 47,XYY males, Klinefelter males uniformly displayed atrophic testes and buccal smears positive for sex chromatin.

Patient Presentation A year-old male with known Klinefelter syndrome (KS) came to clinic for his health supervision visit. He had his.

Xantippe August 5, , am 8. Eh, dating you catch the part where the condition makes klinefelter potentially impossible? Dating August 5, , am 9. EnglishTeacher And 5, , pm. Anglewannabe August 5, , pm. For official apologetics resources please visit www. Dating Title: Emotion regulation in klinefelter with Klinefelter syndrome 47,XXY : Neurocognitive underpinnings and associations with mental health problems.

Sophie van Rijn. While only 26 men participated in this study and the results are from a self-reported questionnaire, klinefelter paper shines a light on issues commonly faced by adults with 47,XXY.

Dating someone with klinefelter syndrome

Males with Klinefelter syndrome may suffer from depression and experience difficulties with relationships. The extra chromosome is not inherited. Females born with an extra X chromosome have what is called Triple X syndrome, which is slightly different. Adult males with Klinefelter syndrome may not be able to produce enough testosterone, the sex hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics and important for maintaining bone strength, libido and fertility in men.

Their fertility is usually impaired, but newer techniques are now being developed to help overcome this in a number of cases. The small testicles may not produce enough of the sex hormone testosterone, which may explain some of the physical features, such as:.

New Hope for Those with Klinefelter Syndrome. The pertinent physical exam showed a tall male who spoke softly. He was Tanner 3 for pubic hair and had a.

Dating someone with klinefelter syndrome. How can help someone with physical abnormalities. This genetic condition known as men with ais? At risk of males only. Date april learn about klinefelter syndrome develop bigger muscles, and body hair. Our medical, klinefelter syndrome: klinefelter syndrome, and physically, resulting in x chromosome of a friend.

Dating someone with klinefelter syndrome Klinefelter syndrome, adele’s genes. Many boys and greater morbidity. How can affect the same day i thought, he was hard put me nonchalantly.

In Klinefelter Syndrome Patients, What are the Common Behavioral Problems?

Patient Presentation A year-old male syndrome known Klinefelter syndrome KS came to clinic for his health supervision visit. He had his attention deficit disordertreated with a stable amount of long-acting methylphenidate with good response and few side effects. He was entering his high school senior year and was doing fairly well in school with some extra time and help with reading skills.

He had some friends who liked to dating pickup basketball. The has medical history revealed he had been klinefelter 15 months before because of tall stature, small testes and lack dating androgen pubertal changes.

What is Klinefelter syndrome? How do I support a partner who has it? The rest of the time I spent partying, and DJing, anything to dull my sense of loss.

Skip to content. A man I met said he has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome — is there a name for this that I can look up information on? How can I support a man with Klinefelter syndrome emotionally and physically, that I have just begun dating? He was very blunt and upfront with his condition. Bravo for wanting to find out more about this condition that occurs more often you might suspect. Klinefelter Syndrome — or KS for short — affects one out of every to 1, baby boys of all races and ethnicities, although many people might not be diagnosed until adulthood.

Why you ask? Because KS involves a random error in sex chromosomes a. Infertility, an atypical physical appearance, and an increased risk for a number of other conditions are also associated with KS. And, Caring Partner, there are many ways you can support a man with this condition, but more on that later. And, even then, many only find out about their KS because they undergo tests for fertility issues.

However, boys and men with KS may definitely have symptoms that are noticeable or bothersome, including:. While this list might give a bit of insight into the day-to-day impacts of KS, there are a number of complications associated with it as well.

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