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ASMR - I love you on the beach! АСМР

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Добавлено от Сергей В ЛЮБОВЬ И ОТНОШЕНИЯ
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Hey! This video was... WOW for me! I have recorded it on two days because I really wanted to have an atmosphere of this evening, undergoing sun and just this quitness of the nature. So on the first recordingday it was relativelly quite, I just had to wait always when a ship came (which is on the Rhein like all the time!) but when there were non it was ok! Unfortunetally my battery got empty and i had to continue on the next evening! That is why the second part of the video has an other coloring - it was an other lighting! Also it was super loud on that second day. The weather was different and it transfered the sound too much. So i realy didn't like it then. You still could hear everything, but it was too much backgroundnoise for my taste. So I dubed the last 20 minutes of the videos and ... God that is so much work!! And it is never as perfect as the origiinal. So I'm really sorry fo that! I wanted actually to rerecord it but next day it was still oud and it probably stay loud until the wind changes, but then there will have been rain and that place will be completell under water again! But I tried my best so even if it is not perfect, feel the love and care in the dub! Because it really took a looong time to do that!
And if you're interestead to see the original you can check out my patreon where I will upload the video with the original sound! It's just for those who are curious how the dub sounds compreared to the oiginal!

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